For garments that match your vision, precise tech packs are crucial. I can supply tech sketches that effectively convey your ideas and speed up the production process. My tech packs are comprehensive, ensuring that prototype samples are accurately crafted on the initial attempt.
TECHNICAL: Tech Packs + Graded Specs
Graded Specs

● Development of full graded spec ( women’s XS-XL) to ensure an accurate fit

● Specs based on industry competitor of choice with appropriate revisions
Tech Packs

● Professional tech packs for any factory to follow

● Tech Packs to include:

○ Front / Back / Detail sketches with measurements and callouts
○ Colorway callouts with Pantone colors
○ Artwork specs (as relevant)
○ BOM with all Fabric / Trim / Finding details + placements
○ Full graded spec ( women’s sizes XS-XL)
Timeline: 2-4 weeks
Tech Pack Pricing
Pricing is between $ 180-$ 650 per style, depending on the complexity of the design. I can send you a proposal tailored to your project.
Simple Garments
Simple, unlined garments with few details.  
$ 230
Fitted Garments
Garments with more style and fit.
$ 530
Complex Garments
Complex garments with design details, style lines, multiple layers, and tailoring. 
$ 730
Simple Garments Examples
Simple Garments Examples
Fitted Garments Examples
Fitted Garments Examples
Complex Garments Examples
Complex Garments Examples
My Work Process
Here is a general scope of my work process in the different steps that you can expect if we will work together:
Step #1: Discovery Call
An online meeting where we’ll discuss your brand needs.
 Step #2: Project Proposal
Bringing the insights from our call, I’ll offer a custom package of services tailored to your brand.
Step #3: First drafts
When the project with all the essential information is scheduled,
you will receive the first drafts of the designs. Your Feedback or other info requested by me within 24 hours of request is very important.
Step #4: Final Delivery and Source Files
After the necessary modifications, I’ll present the final iterations. The final delivery will also include all source files. 
Thank you!

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